"53 m2 of Spatial Memory",  video installation, Vienna, Austria, 2016

Alzheimer, Mind Wandering, and Society of Exclusion

How might the symptoms of a disease take another form to appear socially?
The artist is intertwining a socio-political situation to scientific one, by documenting a space she has lived in, and its affect on her. An interplay between a disease and the person who is responding to it. Are they Alzheimer symptoms, or Mind Wandering case?

53 m2 of Spatial Memory, is a personal experience of the artist who ran from war torn city, to find herself in another dark experience; feeling excluded in a safe place!

*In cognitive psychology and neuroscience, Spatial memory, is the storage and retrieval of information within the brain that is needed both to plan a route to a desired location and to remember where an object is located or where an event occurred.