Abstracta 2013 exhibition / Rome - Italy                                                                                                                                 "Abstracta photo contest" is focused on digital abstract photos .                                                                                       presenting conceptual photos based on the contemporary metropolis and its visual representation.  


digital print - variable size -2013 

Radioactive Portraits "we work for you" - 2013

Digital prints 84 X 118 cm 

Nuclear energy, is it a power to create or to destroy our world!?

"The principal risks associated with nuclear power arise from health effects of radiation. This radiation consists of subatomic particles traveling at or near the velocity of light---186,000 miles per second. They can penetrate deep inside the human body where they can damage biological cells and thereby initiate a cancer. If they strike sex cells, they can cause genetic diseases in progeny.

Nuclear power technology produces materials that are active in emitting radiation and are therefore called "radioactive". 

Bernard L. Cohen, Sc.D. 

Professor at the University of Pittsburgh

BALADI Bread \ Honorable price in the 15th Bangladesh Biennale - 2012 

BALADI is an Arabic word has different meanings 

one of the meaning is my home\country, and in the other hand we say it on the home made bread with a best quality which you can have it just in Syria. 

In contradictory of how this bread looks in the picture of the real BALADI bread in Syria because of trying to mixed up our identity by intervention ,and after almost of us (as Syrians) are being foreigners everywhere in the world eating a different kind of bread , moreover the bread is more than something to eat for us ...

BALADI Bread  is Syria's talk.

Believe that its death- the breaking of Syria's body and spilling of her blood- pays in full of the penalty for our sin and that her perfect righteousness is freely given to us in exchange for our unrighteousness.

And the bread that Syria gives for the life of the world is her flesh which it appears full of holes. 

"Whoever believes has eternal life."

Di-Vision \  the 15th Bangladesh Biennale - 2012

Conceptually, division describes two distinct but related settings. 

The One is not just an intellectual conception but something that can be experienced, an experience where one goes beyond all multiplicity.

Plotinus writes, "We ought not even to say that he will see, but he will be that which he sees, if indeed it is possible any longer to distinguish between seer and seen, and not boldly to affirm that the two are one.

The One, being beyond all attributes including being and non-being, is the source of the world—but not through any act of creation, willful or otherwise, since activity cannot be ascribed to the unchangeable, immutable One. "

Imagine that you are in front of the sea of Haifa " Damascus - Cairo - Barcelona "

The photos were taken during a residency in Barcelona 2011.

The photos were taken during a residency in Barcelona 2011. 

psychogeographic project about cities in conflict. 

the first copy of this project was sent to my Palestinian friend in Cairo in a note book diary as a work of connecting people out of their places 

this project inspired by  a letter of my friend Aissa (a Palestinian friend from Haifa) who texts me while I had been in Barcelona and he had been in Cairo:

“Look to the sea in Barcelona it looks alike the sea of Haifa, imagine the place where I came from

Remember the sea of Haifa …”

Political regime   

The photos were taken during a residency in Barcelona 2011

Researching in the nature about the complicated matter for chaos in order  .

"A political regime is a set of political structures that make up a state. These political systems range from direct democracies to totalitarian regimes, such as military dictatorships. Common systems in the modern world include democratic republics, monarchies, and representative democracies. There are also primarily theoretical types of governments, like a strict meritocracy." 

And here you'll find different type of them.



Digital prints 350 x 25 cm 


Digital prints 300 x 25 cm 


Digital prints 350 x 25 cm

Photo still from Them-me  video project