“Invisible Ink, A Letter from Julia to Winston”, “1984-2024”

Two glass boxes 21x16x6 cm each, paper, ink. Part of the project “Art Meets the Library Books”, Karlstads Stadsbibliotek, Karlstad, Sweden, 2023 and more other public libraries in Sweden.

In the world of storytelling, endings often fade from my memory, leaving space for imagination to take hold and weave alternate narratives. When I immerse myself in a tale, I become fully absorbed, walking alongside the characters as if I were part of their intricate plot.

The same thing happens every time I lose the connection between reality and fiction when reading Orwell’s 1984 as if it is happening all around us, isn’t it?

Drawing inspiration from George Orwell's "1984," my mind couldn't help but wander, seeking Julia's elusive fate that remained concealed in the book's final chapter. While the narrative primarily focused on Winston's journey and his eventual capitulation to the Party's dominion, I found it intriguing to resurrect Julia's voice, envisioning her words four decades beyond the year depicted in Orwell's novel.

This work, which finds its roots in the pages of "1984," employs two glass boxes. The first, an intricate cut-up of the fragmented lines from the original work, challenges readers to reflect upon the era we find ourselves enmeshed in. It provokes questions, blurs the boundaries of time, and invites contemplation upon our world of unsolved puzzles.

The second glass box nestled an imagined letter, composed by Julia herself and handwritten upon the manuscript's parchment. Through her words, the final fate she has embraced slowly unravels. Yet, even within the frame of this letter, the line between reality and fiction blurs, leaving us uncertain of the nature of the destiny she alludes to and who she really is. This mirrors the complexities of our own lives and the narratives we inhabit.

This work is designed to be discovered within the Library, embracing its site-specific nature. It invites the audience/readers to uncover its secrets, whether alone or in a group, silently or through spoken words. Perhaps, someone akin to Winston may be listening or even reading these very lines.

In this interplay of literature, art, and reality, the boundaries blur, prompting us to question, ponder, and embark upon a journey of introspection.

So, come forth, dear reader, and discover the riddle within these pages, for it holds both the allure of fiction and the weight of truth, inviting you to unravel the mysteries that lie within.