“The chair reveals: I have something to say…”, text, sound, participatory installation, Stockholm/Malmo, Sweden, 2015.

What is to wait in the time of war? and how your life is suspended? was a hard question to answer in the situation of complete confusion, but what if we give the chance to the chair to answer, what if the object which made for an endless waiting has the ability to speak? this what was made in the chair’s revelation, while people were standing in queue waiting to listen to the chair and in the midst of his revelation there is a machine interrupting to call for the next. When the one sitting on the chair and listening to it and looking in the mirror in front, he might ask himself who is really waiting!? this state of confusion which is created in this work with the symbolism of the chair is revealing things farther more from just speaking about waiting in the time of war, and the objectification of the self in its double.