“Above 47° degree”  3 channels video installation, Damascus, Syria, 2012.
Under assault of the women's rights by religious extremism, which is practiced politically and authoritatively in some part of societies and some states. In a place where the temperature exceeds 47 degrees of extremism, where this hell is increasing to spread out to other places.
3 video channels, of vague portrait where you just see eyes of a woman staring in her doubled prison; the screen and the mask she is wearing. The video on the left is the act of cutting hair which transforms the white background into black. The video on the right is about a pen covering a blank page in an aggressive way and turn it to black. Only the eyes keep staring till the end in the absolute darkness.
The work provokes the subject of forbidden trinity in Arabic culture, and religious extremism as another form of racism, it presents the problematic issue of political and religious extremism between the right and the left, which has become in many cases the reason of pain for people and society.