“Soliloquy of a Lone Soul” Video 15.28 min, Stockholm, 2017

Soliloquy of a Lone Soul is four sequences film speaking about the perspective of time, and the journey of a traumatised person in the world referring to his experience. How the mind is affected and how it can relate and confuse what the person lives and has lived, the complications of the world’s problems, and the view of life as decorative elements for death, to a solitary person.

In this film, the artist overlaps between dream, reality, imagination in a traumatised memory. The narrator is always absent, the spaces almost empty except a few people passing by without attention referring to the people in life, and the human being is still lonely.

During the time of the research, the artist was studying the impact of the state of a person in mobility, how the mind looks and relates between different places, the architecture of emotions and reality, and the experience of traumatised memory.