“Phantasmagoria_Canto I : The Self And Its Double”

(X)Sites Land Art Project, Tranemo, Sweden, 2017

“The effect of the phantasmagoria derives from a dialectic – not only between what we sense and what we know – but between what we know and what we fear we might actually believe.” Tom Gunning

Life is dreamlike state in the mind of a wanderer

A mirror that reflects intersected narratives in a fragmented landscape.

In front of the church or confronting the lake, on the green field in the city of Tranemo; fragments of lost story of the phantasmagorical dream of a wanderer is about to be discovered from the other, who is roaming around. Eight Mirrors are placed as an open octagon in public space, unlike Pythagoras idea on the “eightness” as the embracer of harmonies and its link to safety, steadfastness and everything that was balanced in the universe; But this site-specific installation of an open octagon, is a composition of unsafeness, fragility and vulnerability, and unbalanced landscape.

In the Canto I of this Phantasmagoria “The self and its double”, I am not using magic lanterns to reflect a ghostlike spirits on the mirrors, but the reflection of the person himself is the ghostlike spirit of our time, where the real becomes illusory. The public interaction is trying to bring a theatrical concept into real life to experience where the real is confused between who is really real here, the landscape or its fragments, us or our reflections, or are we just simulations of ourselves?