“Post Tomorrow” A public art intervention to collect and spread thoughts about the question: How Does Tomorrow Start? And dealing with the city as a living museum. 

“I see how we ourselves stand before the future, divided between hope and fear. But at least we know that there is a future, that the moment is momentous. We stand now as we do sometimes in our own individual humdrum lives, thrilled by the thought of the morrow, the morrow which will be utterly unlike today, or yesterday.” Henry Miller

How does tomorrow start? In this sentence, I started speaking about the notion of time and our understanding of it. The used verb in the phrase, expecting the already happening future which is tomorrow. The question aim is to ask people on their dreams, plans, potential, expectation, desperation or hope on our life in the city, on what tomorrow might bring to us and how we see it happening? What are the people’s expectations for a better city? On a broader sense, how we can think to contribute to an organic urbanity in our city tomorrow where a lot of confrontations in terms of social, environmental, economic and cultural are happening now. The democratisation of the participation in public space as becoming more and more part of the process in urban strategies; therefore, this project is a metaphorical example that people’s best contribution to their life and places is based on thoughts, ideas, and critical thinking. If the museum is an institution that cares for a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance; the city is an open museum and institution that cares for a collection of thoughts, feelings, acts and the life of the people themselves. And the Post Tomorrow boxes belong to the idea of the city as an organic living museum.


In Post Tomorrow project I made two boxes, one is full of small cards with fragmented poetic text about the city and its future. The second box is an empty box will be filled with the people’s ideas, poems, wishes or answers on the question: How Does Tomorrow Start? People will be invited to write their answers to this question on an empty green future card for the future, and then they get the chance to pull a blue fluke card/artwork from tomorrow. I did a public intervention, trying to collect as much as possible not only to involve people but also, to make a small archive of the participants’ thoughts on how tomorrow will be in the city, or our life in general.

We live in a tough time, where our talk about the future became melancholic and gloomy, but there is still a hope amidst our desperate world, there is still time for talking, participating and acting. Our words and our thoughts are valuable contributions to think of our city of the future, having it green, sustainable, peaceful, diverse, tolerable and vast for all of us. Post Tomorrow is a poetic act of participation, and can take a long time and have different phases on what and how our future will look like? Because the future will always be one step ahead and we can still dream and act for it.