“Contemplations on a Wandering City”  Interactive Text installation

Aleksanterinlinna Serlachius Art Residency, Mänttä, Finland, 2019.

“Dystopia as a diseased unfavourable place is the consequence of chasing the illusion of failed utopia, with every attempt to realise the unrealised utopia you pave the road to the system of inequality, fascism, totalitarianism, obscurantism and enslavement.” 

Excerpts from Contemplations on Wandering City


What is the wandering city in the mind of a wanderer? Is it a utopia, Dystopia, Heterotopia or a Wandering City standing as a new concept?

In this research project, I wrote 99 aphoristic fragments about the concept of the wandering city. Making the installation as city floor-plan out of the textual pieces, inviting the audience to wander around reading the text and collecting and reflecting on the fragmented thoughts spread on the floor. The city is made intellectually by ideas and the accumulations of different views. The Wandering City is poetic with linguistic energy-sustaining its life. 

People come and go, and the city is growing as far as our thoughts are free to wander. Inside the geometric space, there is a rhizomatic proportion of city like thoughts choreographing the system of movement in the space in an entangled unsolved labyrinthic method.