"OPTICAL EMOTIONS" Artistic Research and Exhibition Project, Konstfrämjandet Värmland, Karlstad, Sweden, 2023

Amidst the growing divisions, biases, and hostility that plague our world, there is a deep longing for collective introspection. In this contemplative moment, the spirit of our innermost sentiments intertwines with the outward expression of emotions that unfurl upon the world's stage.

The notion of emotions is a complex and fundamental aspect of human experience. Emotions are psychological and physiological states that arise in response to various stimuli, such as thoughts, events, or external situations. They are a crucial aspect of the human experience, shaping our perceptions, actions, and well-being.

Emotions are adaptive mechanisms that help us navigate our environment and make decisions. They provide valuable information about our needs, desires, and the significance of events.

Yet, as humanity boasts of progress and enlightenment, the fabric of our existence is still marred by intractable conflicts, ceaseless schisms, and never-ending wars. The paradoxical question disturbs our intellectual and moral sensibilities: how can we, as aspiring beings, continue to embark on this course, ostensibly evolving while relentlessly descending into the abyss of discord?

The traditional notion of war, as confined to showing hostilities between nations, morphs under the weight of contemporary complexity. It now assumes an insidious form—one that infiltrates the very fabric of societies, fuelling internal battles within the self. This new form of warfare is a constant threat, one that cannot be ignored.

'Optical Emotions' is an exhibition that crystallises an essence of our present time. An experience unfolds wherein emotions are given visual form within the artistic medium, inviting us to go through the intricate passages of our innermost being. These visual narratives implore us to take time for introspection to unearth the secrets of our emotional landscape that resonate profoundly within us at this very moment.

The idea of optical Emotions aligns with the concept of synaesthesia, where one sensory experience triggers another unrelated sensory experience. Assigning shapes or colours to emotions might help individuals express and understand their emotions more tangibly.

Encounter the mirrors reflecting the multiple facets of your existence and engage in a dialogue with yourself, for it is in the space between contemplation and perception that transformative insights blossom forth.

"Optical Emotions", text-based installation, 28 mirrors, 20 x 20 cm each, Stockholm, Konstframjandet Varmland Karlstad, 2023.

'Optical Emotions' invites viewers where perception and sentiment meld—comprising an assemblage of 28 crimson mirrors with fragmented text inscribed on each one.

The red mirrors hold fragmented text. Poised like a statement, each sentence exists independently yet forms an intricate poetic structure of words and their counter-words when engaged collectively. A narrative, existing in its entirety and as fragmented expressions, invites viewers to decode their own narrative, defying conventional sequence and order.

As one gazes upon this combination of mirrors and words, they find themselves simultaneously participant and observer. In the looking glass, they discover their reflection entwined with a sentence that assumes the role of an unexpected, albeit apt, title. This intersection of self and sentiment culminates in an experience that transcends the tangible, where the act of seeing is transformed into an act of contemplation.

Like an emotional experience, each mirror is a dynamic entity that interacts with the viewer's perception. The fragmented text mirrors the fragmented nature of emotions that emerge as a collage of perceptions, sensations, and interpretations. Reading the text in different orders and directions underscores how emotions can take various forms depending on context and perspective.

Furthermore, the red mirrors symbolise the neural and physiological processes at play. Red is often associated with intense emotions, and the mirrors' imperfections reflect the brain's imperfect and dynamic process of emotion construction. The irritation at not seeing a perfect reflection aligns with the idea that emotions can often arise from unexpected or even distorted perceptions.

'Optical Emotions' engages viewers in constructing emotions by blending reflections and text, challenging perceptions, and ultimately highlighting the subjectivity and complexity inherent in our emotional experiences. The installation invites you to consider how emotions, much like reflections in a mirror, are uniquely constructed within each individual's mind.

"Apart" Poem Object. Book, ink, handwriting. 2023

In the book titled 'Apart', each page has a solitary word. The book becomes a metaphorical piece, carrying the weight of separation, of distances that stretch beyond mere geography, and of memories that linger as a few whispered words.

The word 'Apart' reflects spatial dislocation, a separation that defies physical proximity. As fingers glide over the pages, the turning of each sheet mirrors the slow, measured passage of time itself.

The sparse, deliberate isolation of words embodies the idea of getting apart and makes it challenging for the memory to follow the whole structure of the poem when the text is spread over the entire book. 

'Apart' invites the reader to navigate a text marked by absence and remembrance.

It is a play of perception, where the act of turning the pages acquires its own cadence, narrating the complexities of human connection and the art of letting go.

"Intricate Mindscape"*, film, 05,19 min, Chicago/Vienna, 2023.

 'Intricate Mindscape' is an optical film that takes viewers through a surreal and alien world of pattern-mirrored floating architecture. The film features an ever-changing landscape of reflective surfaces, where the boundaries between reality and illusion blur, leaving the audience questioning their perceptions.

The perplexing reflections and optical illusions absorb and disorient the person. The architecture constantly shifts and morphs, leading to an otherworldly and psychedelic experience where the laws of physics and spatial orientation are defied.

The environment lacks a stable ground, making us imagine every step is uncertain. The absence of a solid foundation is a metaphor for the human quest for understanding and belonging in an alien and unknown world where the silent narrator belongs through the text appearing on the screen.

Ultimately, 'Intricate Mindscape' is a sensory and conceptual exploration that invites viewers to embrace the uncertainty and complexity of existence and find beauty in the ever-changing and mysterious world around them.


* Mindscape refers to an individual's inner or mental landscape, including their thoughts, emotions, memories, and experiences. A concept I use as a new kind of landscape, representing the inner world of an individual to explore the imagination's realm and create works that challenge our perceptions of reality.


"Emotional Hues" video, 02.00 min, Vienna, 2023

 Amidst the stream of emotions, love often eludes our immediate gaze, encompassing us in its tender embrace. Its presence is so pervasive that we may scarcely discern its gentle touch.

But sometimes, "LOVE" begins to transform into a different facet of the human experience— "HATE." The metamorphosis is gradual, nearly invisible, drawing strength from the shadows encircling it. As the screen deepens into a darker shade, "HATE" emerges, stark and vivid. Its pale red surface belies a force that resonates through the core, like a storm brooding beneath a serene facade.

As we contemplate the screen, we are prompted to navigate the intricate veils of our emotions, seeking understanding and empathy in a world that thrives on contrasts.

"Chiaroscuro" video 02.00 minutes, Vienna, 2023

A solitary grey circle invites viewers to take a two-minute into human emotions.

Within this circle of subdued hue are words encapsulating the spectrum of human emotions, from joy to sadness. As these words morph, they carry with them the essence of human experience, inviting introspection, evoking memories related to their meanings, and kindling a subtle recognition within the viewer's heart through the optic-linguistic experience. 

The background changes through shades of white, becoming black and passing through grey, layers subtly imbued with meaning. It is an interplay of light and shadow, just as the changing background embodies the shifting emotional landscapes while hinting at the synesthetic experience of merging shades and emotions.