"53 m2 of Spatial Memory",  video installation, Vienna, Austria, 2016/2017

How might the symptoms of disease take another form to appear socially?
Here is an intertwining of a socio-political situation to a scientific one, by documenting a space the artist lived in, and its effect on her. It is an interplay between brain disease and the person who is responding to it. Are they Alzheimer symptoms, or Mind Wandering state*?

How is a traumatic mind is affected profoundly by layered trauma from an old and new place? 
The scientific and poetic weaving of the text narrated by muted voice just as written text on the screen with the complete absence of a person in the space to represent a crisis of a newcomer, and to summarise and to narrow the city from inside an apartment with hidden features in the dark.
53 m2 of Spatial Memory**, is a personal experience of the artist who ran from a war-torn city, to find herself in a different problematic situation; feeling excluded in a safe place.

*In her art-based research project the artist coined the term "Wanderism" and announced as a state of mind, where the Mind Wandering State refers to psychological injury which may involve PTSD, anxiety and depression caused by war, conflict, social and political crisis. 

**In cognitive psychology and neuroscience, Spatial memory is the storage and retrieval of information within the brain that is needed both to plan a route to the desired location and to remember where an object is located or where an event occurred.