“Mirrors of Years” On-going project since 2015, Stockholm, Sweden.

Mirrors, Soil, Engraved Text on Mirror every year.

It is complicated to describe my relationship to this city (Stockholm). A place where I live and not, where I exist and not.

In the Mirrors of Years a reflection of a person's life in the city in the form of prose poetry handwritten/engraved on mirrors. Every short-engraved prose placed next to another mirror with a fist of soil was taken from the city. In my culture, we think that holding and keeping a fist of soil from a place reveals a right to this place and bring you back to it, no matter how far you drift away from. The fist of soil is the symbol of resistance and belonging; here it is not shaped or placed in a pot to fertile, the wind can blow it away, and the mirror doesn't have memory.

Stockholm, I might be a passenger of time and places, but together, we shared memories, pains and breaths and here is our first lustrum of purification and revelation.