Recycled imaginary city Kunsthalle / Vienna 2013

After the war broke out in Syria, children were affected as many of their fathers were killed or maimed in battle, and their mothers began working long hours. Technology and industry were bombed, a lot of the families and workers lost their jobs, their homes and the lives of children in Syria changed completely.

Recycled imaginary city is a game asking the participants to rebuild and imagine a city by using poor materials like cardboard or even trash.

In a city of war it is so rare to find any other materials, people are using the neglected things around them because any other thing is expensive or does not exist at all. Therefore almost all of the children are trying to interact with their environment which is full of trash and other stuff you can find around the city.

With these materials the "players“ might reflect and think how hard it is to live in times of war, but how positively we can think together to rebuild our city despite all that suffer .