“The Place of Abundance” installation Nassjo/ Gnesta, Sweden, 2016

This installation is about an imaginary journey of a bird looking to build his house where it’s the place of abundance.

The dust is representing us and wasteland.

The journey of the bird is like the written text has no beginning nor end.

There are 12 books, in each book, there are 12 sentences of the story of the bird.

The audience/ reader is invited to navigate the bird’s journey trying to follow the drawn line on the blank pages exactly as an exhalation of a wandering mind and drawing the line and cut it out on some pages to tell the story of the bird’s journey.

The work is created to put the reader in the state of mind wandering, because of the complex visual and poetic experience of reading, where I am focusing on how the participant is using his body as well as his mind through the visual and textual elements of the installation.