"Sons of Gold” - AllArtNow, Damascus 2012

"To become gold is to become light, and light in this precise sense is truth itself." Hazrat Inayat Khan

Gold has one of the most valued significance in life, it represents perfection in every matter at any level, and the pursuit of human completeness which illuminates, enlightens, and refines its definition of itself.
Gold is metal and its color is employed as a high-value in all religions, heavenly and earthly, which consider gold a symbol of the love of God and a simulation of him. It illuminates everything with the sun’s rays, adding a sense of optimism and love; it is highly placed for living together and supports the unity of existence. And, because Syria is the gate of the sun in the old description of its name, it is the center of light and ideal love
Gold is the only of metals that when heated by fire, it won't lose anything of the nature of its weight, color, or any other of its components.
The word ‘gold’ grants a meaning of idealism when it is appended to terms, as in "golden age," denoting an ideal existence and a suggestion of "utopia."
If we have harmoniously and consistently committed to the golden rule in memories, and the Golden Ratio in the arts, then why have we not committed to it in life today.
This sensorial installation in participation with the audience was trying to discuss the cohabitation and the coexistence of the Syrian people in time of war, researching the idea of place and a utopia of living, is this utopia was real or never existed!? if Syria -as Syrians saw it- was an ideal place of togetherness so how the war broke up?
a part of installing this space in circular way to attract people to come closer, look to each other and someone has to start discussing in the time of conflict when friends and families stop to talk of each other because of the ongoing war .
* three of the people in this photo, each one of them lost his/her brother in the Syrian war.