"Mind wandering is the higher response on solving the outside problems which have affected the brain in the earlier phase."
The Wanderism Manifesto

"Wanderism is a State of Mind", Buildmuseet, Umea, Sweden, 2015-2016

This research project investigates the term “Wanderism”, which refers to a state of mind. Wanderism, the name which I've coined, is based on the psychological aspect of Mind Wandering that is caused by psychological injury which involves PTSD and could be generated and not limited to conflict, war, social obstacles, economic and environmental crisis. It addresses the concept of the new becoming: the in-between state where the bewildered point (X), between (A) and (B), goes beyond an assigned value.

The concept is approached using an artistic practice and by implementing it in the form of a rhizomatic process and fragmented narrations. Transdisciplinarity, conceptual writing and spatial narrating within the practice reveal artistic research and provide a deep insight into the state of conflict from a philosophical and artistic perspective.

Wanderism project is ongoing since 2012 

At Buildmuseet in Umea, I was able to bring my artistic research into another level of representation, stepping out of the dilemma that art theory based practice is something hard to communicate with the audience.

The X is occupying the space, and the wanderer’s table is centred in the middle with interactive artistic elements to give the viewer the chance to navigate into the research by looking at the art materials on the table, or taking an active role as an instant performer through the act of reading of the “Wanderism Manifesto”. The manifesto which was fragmented and spread around. People were invited to make their own collection of reading, decide what is the order of the text and the length of it, and perform it in the space. Everyone here is a creative reader, and there are endless possibilities of reading and interpreting the fragmented text through multiple orders.

While on the other wall some people can interact with “Play The Chaos” to play with the double pendulum to observe and understand the notion of chaos and the unpredictable system, which is directly linked to my research and to the notion of Mind Wandering state.
On the opposite wall, there were 2 screens of video installation “The map is not the territory”. this work presents a conceptual and visual experience of the mind of the wanderer, through the fragmented text on both screens and the drawing and erasing paths on veins, to put the viewer visually and through the brain activity into the experience of mind-wandering on both sides of the brain.

 "The Wanderism Manifesto"


"The Map is not The Territory" 

"Play the chaos" 


At Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna 2018 in “Cross-sections” collective exhibition project, I presented brief parts which are related to the mental health chapter of my research on Wanderism.

On the table, you can navigate into some neuroscientific and psychological fragmented thoughts on what is Wanderism as a State of Mind, and which part of the brain is involved with the Mind-Wandering state. One drawing from the Breathing Maps project, The Double Pendulum where my theory leans on its principle in physics, The One Line Book of Breathing Road as an example of brain relaxation or intensity during one line drawing of brain activity, The Five Dices and One for X  as a mental game for creating endless equations.

On the other part of the exhibition, you can also see the Hypergraphia Book.