“The paper’s State”, interventional sculpture discussing the concept of State, borders and division. Iaspis, Stockholm, 2015

On the strive of the physical and moral entity to become a State, and with the hard struggle to be a sovereign State; what constitutes this concept for us today?
Is it the Platonic or Aristotelian idea on the ancient institution or is it the modern face of the extensive rule of law, citizenship rights, and broad economic and social responsibilities?
What could make a body politic to be recognised as a State?
How Critically strong or weak this entity in our conceptual life today?

This interventional sculpture aims to encourage the audience and involve them in a creative discussion on the philosophical and materialistic notion of the State, and its today's components. Pieces of lands are mare out of crumpled papers tight to each other by bits of fragile thread, you can touch them, try to apply some force, some small pieces are dependent to one big part, but some others are making the big stronger; some could collapse easily, but some others resist much more. To discuss the exquisite details of how this sculpture was created is to understand the situation of what I call it today the Paper State.

This kind of sculptural work is about to use the theory into artistic practice, and make a philosophical discourse as more possible in art research-based practice.