"Reflected Happiness"Two mirror boxes with text, Juxtapose Art Fair, Aarhus, Denmark, 2023, Spinderihallerne, Vejle, Denmark, 2024 

With the words "If you are happy, I am happy," this couple of mirror boxes invite the viewer to consider the interconnectedness of happiness. The mirrored surfaces capture the likeness of those who gaze upon them and also reflect the emotional resonance of shared joy—whether of the person with themselves when looking in the mirror or as a reminder that we are not truly happy until happiness is reflected on everyone around us.

The words on the surfaces keep catching the attention like a mantra to be happy with yourself and work for it to reflect on others; that's why a mirror box doesn't stand alone but is accompanied by another.

The concept behind these mirrored boxes is as simple as it is profound: happiness flourishes in the presence of companionship and empathy. Like light reflecting off a mirror's surface, happiness is amplified and enriched when shared with others.

So, as you gaze into these reflective boxes, consider not only the image staring back at you but also the interconnected relation of joy that binds us all together. In sharing happiness, we find it magnified, multiplied, and everlasting.