"Imaginary Wholeness/ Fragmentary Reality" 

Interactive installation in public space, Folkets Park, Malmo, Sweden, 2016

The sky above our head

Fragmented under our feet

A pattern,

7 keys to eternity

Opening another

And you are turning, looking, searching

endlessly to find the secret

In your face, your existence 

In the city’s reflection

In the sky

Like a dervish,

a wanderer in his spiral journey

Our turbulent world today affected us all! Some are smiling less and some others forget how to smile, hatred increased through the effect of dehumanization of our existence, and the unequal representation of the self in societies for different reasons. Some people stop looking at themselves in the mirror for a fair critique of the self, or for having more self-confidence and satisfaction.

Looking at yourself in the mirror is not an egoistic act all the time, rather it lets you remember the person you are. 

“Imaginary Wholeness/ Fragmentary Reality” is an interactive installation in public space of 133 mirrors on a wooden platform, on each mirror there is part of fragmented poetic text placed to be like a maze, to be played by the audience, creating endless possibilities of reading. The participant is certain or confused about his reading, but each time there is a new text, a new interpretation and different experience.

Each mirror is reflecting -metaphorically- a kilometre of Malmo- the city of biggest diversity.

I choose this circular shape by making a special pattern after looking in the history of different religious and ethnic groups, to find that the “mandala” which is the circular figure representing the universe, is the most common and old figure between all religious and ethnics groups. For this reason, I decided to make this huge mandala also as a symbol of protection for the city and to show the beauty of coming together, and a space for intellectual mind wandering. You can’t see the work from a far distance, but you can see the people’s movement as someone searching for something on the ground, or someone dancing and turning. Choreographing people is always playing an important role in my work when people become the social sculpture of the situation I create.