"Perfect Imperfection", Public Commission, Sodertalje Hospital, Sodertalje/ Stockhom, Sweden, 2020

Through years of researching and working on the Trauma effect on the human psyche and the topic of self-care, mental health and its improvement, trying to approach it through the use of art, process, artistic materials and methodologies thus, my practice tends to use conceptual, minimalist and spiritual vision towards the implemented subject I am tackling.

I recognise human imperfections, but at the same time, to accept them, I think we should live as human beings, with all our imperfections, rather than strive to lead ourselves towards the impossible perfectionist idea. In our life, we tend to think about the platonic concept of perfection, which is unattainable; the thing which leaves us sometimes depressed or not understanding why we cannot reach everything we want, or why we can't keep everything as we wish to, like being free of pain and suffering, having sustainable safeness and security. 

Things are relative and depend on the perspective of anything in life around us and its conditions. Man is living a life in constant change, far from keeping it perfect all the time. In our bodies and minds, we don't understand that we are far from the flawless and perfect totality; we believe in our bodies' strength until we get sick and the power of our soul until we are hurt. But through our imperfect situation, we discover the substance of our real strength, our hidden power; we rediscover ourselves and the love and blessing of this life, the thing which makes us more attracted to it and strives our souls to be healed. 

In this project Perfect Imperfection I wanted to draw attention to the idea that a man, despite the imperfect moments in life, despite his pain and suffering, is still carrying the gold within his own spirit, where its radiance resembles the light and the sun that is shining within to keep us strong and safe. I wanted to present a Healing-conceptual vision about the idea of the Perfect Imperfection. On square papers, I applied pure gold 24kr in the middle, in a series of work as a mantra of life and surviving. It is the same shape, but it is applied based on memories, emotions, and contemplation on life and how we are living it, struggling with, suffering from, and enjoying it to the extreme. Some golden squares are broken and imperfect like us, some others are nearly perfect, but the square is never ideal as we will never be.