"Between بين" Performance in two places at the same time, Virtual residency in Ramallah, 2009 

Between here and there, 
between nowhere
بين هنا وهناك حيث لا مكان

the performance was : writing a sentence at the same time in different places “Between Here and There, Between Nowhere”
people are writing it on a transparent cube (my virtual space in Ramallah), and I am writing it on the floor then I am walking on it to erase it (the act of walking/ erasing is the need to act and the missing verb in the sentence).
this sentence was structured conceptually in Arabic with no verb which means no real action, and without giving names to the places addressing the complexity of Arab Israeli conflict . “Between” is a metaphor of our life experience as Syrian and Palestinian without getting the chance to meet and interact, but the artist aimed to say : creative mind has no borders!